A funny collection of short plays, produced at beach houses in NC by family and friends. These plays are witty and quick, while remaining family-friendly and child accessible.

To start off our cowboy bumblers Tex & Slim make their first appearance in Robbin' Banks! It's a fun romp through the tumbleweeds with our favorite knucklheads.

Next are Tex & Slim in On the Horns of a Dilemma. These two desperados are trying to get rich quick. But it's a long way from the high plains to the high life. 

The third Tex & Slim adventure has these two wrangling in Tex & Slim: The Goats! Tex has a crazy scheme to make the two cow punchers into goat wranglers. But that's not the end of the story because as usual, Slim offers a concluding Cowboy Poem. While not rich, these characters are fun.

In Fast Friends: Peggy & Jill the ladies have some quick trouble on their hands with conflicting interest and sideways glances. The turnarounds are so fast you may not be sure who is on first. But it all clears up in the end for Peggy & Jill.

With Boy on the Beach things get corny fast with a magic fishing pole! Or is it a magic fish?! Aimed at the very low brow among us, this one is a delight of silly jokes and puns. Fast and fun.

Lastly in Raised by Wolves we hear the one-person story of a harrowing childhood of a boy - yep, raised by wolves! You won't believe it - and neither will he.

Most of these plays were written and performed among family during beach vacations. So there is a casual fun atmosphere that is all-age appropriate. 

The Tex & Slim plays are some of my favorite with lots of wordplay, wild imagery and quick banter. I hope you enjoy these as much as we have.

/Rick Regan

Selected Short Comic Plays by Rick Regan