• When oven is at 500F, put the pan with the chicken and potatoes in the oven, on a middle rack.
  • Cook for 30-minutes, then rotate the chicken in the oven. 
  • Cook for 30-more-minutes, then remove from oven.
  • Check temperature in several places. I keep it out if the breast is above 145F. Others will say cook until the thigh is 165F. I think it is overdone at that point. If you need to cook it more, put it back in for 10-minutes then test again.
  • Turn off oven
  • Move chicken to a cutting board to rest. Cover chicken loosely with foil. The chicken will continue to cook and continue to expel liquids so put the bird on a big platter if you need to.
  • Let chicken rest for 10-minutes.
  • Check the potatoes in the lower broiler pan. If you are lucky they will not be too stuck. Peel them up and put them in a bowl. Salt and cover tightly with foil.

In the Oven

Set Timer
Middle Rack
Rotate at 30-min
Check Temp
Let chicken rest
Cooked potatoes