There are two main schools of thought about carving a chicken: Presentation or Service.

Here is Jacques Pepin making a similar chicken recipe. Near the 4:00 mark he starts carving the bird, explaining that it is like the way a turkey is done at Thanksgiving. He mentions that this is the way it would be done in a restaurant. I think of this as carving for Presentation. It looks great but is hard to do well. I usually end up with chunks of breast meat, not slices.

Here are the folks as America's Test Kitchen making a very similar recipe to mine. They show nicely the method for potatoes and spatchcocking. But she keeps the breast on the bone and serves the whole thing to the diner (Chris Kimball). That is carving for Service, but is an awfully big piece.

I cut the legs and thighs away at the joints, leaving them on the bone. Then I trace a thin boning knife along the ridge of the breast bone, slicing down along the bone. Follow the bone all the way down the breast bone and across the ribs, separating the breast from the bone in one piece. Then I either cut the breast into slices or just two halves. Repeat on the other side.



Cutting the Chicken