In Thomas Keller's famous recipe for roast chicken, he instructs us to sprinkle liberally with salt, cook at high heat in the oven with the chicken in a skillet. It is wonderful. But...

In reading the comments and experimenting on my own, I use the same ideas - with a few improvements. One comment complained about the smoke from the high heat. The remedy is to use a 2-level broiler pan and put something in the bottom to soak up the juice. I use potatoes and this makes the best fried potatoes as a result. 

One the issue of stuffing and trussing, I have gone the other way and 'spatchcock' the bird, meaning cut the backbone out and flatten. This eliminates the interior cavity and the meat cooks much more reliably and evenly, white and dark meat.

Finally Chef Keller coats the outside with butter, which I am sure is wonderful but I find it messy and un-necessary. The result is still fantastic.

There is probably a comment area here somewhere so send in your thoughts and suggestions.


/Rick Regan

Spatchcock Chicken