El Rico is on the loose! 

Set on a wild, round-the-world romp to liberate the oppressed, bring rain from the sky and stay one step ahead of the Chinese Triad, with the help of American Express!

  • Did the Chinese really discover America?
  • Can you really make rain in India?
  • Are there really Samurais in Mongolia?

These are some of the many questions El Rico Magnifico sets out to solve.

This comic adventure novel has a hard drinking hero with a big gun who is not always sure what’s going on. Even the bad guys are confused about the facts. El Rico has to learn for himself that not everything people say is true, unless it is.

Following in the footsteps of Douglas Adams’ ‘Dirk Gently’, George MacDonald Fraser’s ‘Flashman’ and Garrison Keillor’s ‘Guy Noir’, Rick Regan has a new hero and a fresh style that just might make you laugh.

Magnifico Occidental